Giving Children COVID-19 Vocabulary

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Have you noticed your kids struggling to repeat big words from the CDC (Center for Disease Control)? Social distancing becomes “so so this this thing.” Bless their little hearts, it’s so cute!!! The first 100 times.

They are excited. They are listening. They are learning and actively engaged. What more can we ask for?

The truth is they are actively asking us to help explain things to them. If they can try to say it, they are ready to learn about it.The idea of explaining COVID-19 may seem scary or difficult, but there are ways. Bonita’s parents have figured it out!

The trick? To be honest and share the information you have in the simplest way possible. There is a virus out there. It's tiny and you can't see it but there are things we can do to stay safe and make sure that we keep others safe too. We all have a new job. We wash our hands to get rid of the germs and we wear a mask to keep our germs to ourselves and keep other germs away.

These are all things your children already know how to do or they are words they have heard before. Outlining tangible steps kids can be proud of doing helps make something that seems impossible to control manageable. Knowledge is power no matter what age you are and the more informed our children are the better prepared they will be for the world.

Bonita’s parents focus on making sure Bonita is informed every step of the way. They have prepared her tobeesafe. Hopefully you will subscribe and check out Bontina the Bumble Bee at so we can all Bee safe and informed together.

Yours in Quarantine,

Teacher Tarsha

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